The Accidental Prime Minister written by Tom McLaughlin

The Accidental Prime Minister

This book would be ideal as a class read for older infant or younger junior children. It doesn’t pretend to be any more than a fun and silly read to engage children and make them giggle and I am sure it will do that!
The story is about a school boy called Joe who accidentally ends up as the Prime Minister. Working alongside his best friend Ajay, Joe introduces lots of laws to encourage people to have more fun including; one day a week when the teachers become the pupils and the pupils become the teachers, fancy dress Friday and free jelly for all!
I would really enjoy reading this with a class of children or as a guided reading book as there is bound to be lots of giggling at the silliness of the rules Joe introduces and it is a book that would engage even the most reluctant readers. It would also promote lots of discussion about what the children would do if they were Prime Minister (there is a list of what other children have suggested in the front page) and if it was used as a guided reading book, the children could easily be set independent tasks based on the part of the book they have read up to e.g. Designing the campaign posters for Joe to be Prime Minister, lists of what they would do if they were Prime Minister for the day, designing the perfect park or designing the room they would ask for in 10 Downing Street.

Overall this is a fun-packed, easy read book that adults can enjoy with children and which really promotes imaginative discussions.


This book is also written by the same author:


School boys turns secret agent in this hilarious spy spoof!  This top secret book uncovers the entire story of Kevin’s fateful and hilarious mission. 

Jodie Williams 

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