Christmas Books! That time is fast approaching so please add a good Christmas book to this section of the blog. The more the merrier!

OK, I know it is only October but we have to begin to think about Christmas!  Let’s add some cool Christmas books to this blog which we can all eventually enjoy with our class!  

Christmas Book 1!  

The Empty Stocking written by Richard Curtis


I really do like this Christmas book and I particularly enjoyed reading it to my little girl last year just before Christmas so that she knew that it was incredibly important to be good and very well behaved!  It is amusing and heart-warming and sometimes, just sometimes Santa has to get TOUGH!

It is Christmas Eve and there is only one question that has to be asked … have you been good this year?

This story is about Charlie and Sam, who are twins, and they are both really looking forward to Christmas and of course having lots of Christmas presents.  Sam is a polite, well behaved girl who works hard at school.  However, Charlie has been a little bit naughty this year so she is a little bit worried that Santa may not bring her any Christmas presents. Will there be an empty stocking for Charlie on Christmas morning or will it be bulging with presents?  Is it time for Santa to get tough?  However, when Santa makes a mistake, it’s up to Charlie to put things right…

I cannot recommend ‘The empty Stocking’ highly enough – it is simply brilliant!  Not only is this a heart-warming tale, it’s got an important message too.

A perfect read for any class just before Christmas.  My Year 6 class really enjoyed it last year!


Bree House

Christmas Book 2 


The Smelly Spout by Allan Plenderleith

I was introduced to this book by a lovely friend and colleague who used to work at Anton, Steph Dade.  She loved the book and I can see why; it is a fab little book! 

Imagine a poor ‘Brussel Sprout’ being over looked on Christmas day?!  A poor, lonely green, smelly spout has been forgotten about but sadly he is not wanted for the Christmas dinner this year and he gets thrown out into the snow on Christmas day. The sprout is scared about the big, wide world and wanders the snowy streets alone and frightened. On his travels, the poor smelly sprout bumps into a terribly rude Christmas tree, an unfriendly snowman and last but not least a sly and hungry fox.  Will the poor sprout ever feel wanted and loved and will anyone enjoy him despite his colour and smell?!

This is a fun, witty and touching story and whether you love or loathe a sprout just remember they have feelings too!  This is such a cute book and the illustrations are great and children will love the cartoon type style to them – look out for the mean looking Christmas bauble!   I love the final picture on the last page – it made me smile. This is definitely worth a read over the school festive season! 


Check out the other little books in the series – they are definitely worth a look too! 

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Bree House 

Christmas Book 3


How could anyone hate Christmas, presents, decorations and feasting?  Well the grumpy Grinch absolutely HATES Christmas! The ‘Whos,’ who live in a merry town called Who Ville, absolutely love celebrating Christmas and enjoy preparing for the big day.  However, the Grinch, who definitely hates the Christmas season and no one knows the reason, decides to ruin Christmas once and for all. The grumpy Grinch has had enough and this year he is determined to stop Christmas from coming.  Will the Grinch really ruin Christmas this year?

This is a great rhyming book which children will really enjoy and love listening to! 

“Every Who down in Who Ville liked Christmas a lot…But the Grinch, who lived just north of Who-Ville, did NOT!”




This classic Christmas book is most definitely worth a read and I think your lovely little ‘Whos’ in the classroom (who will soon be getting VERY excited about Christmas) will love it!  Enjoy sharing this classic with your class! 

Bree House 

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