The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

This really is a ‘little gem’ of a picture book!  It is a beautiful story about friendship, loss and courage.

The illustrations are simply stunning and a work of art!  It really reminded me of William Morris style artwork.

The Fox and the Star is simply a sweet story about friendship between a lonely fox and a star.  The star guides the fox through the frighteningly, deep, dense, dark forest, which allows him to forage for beetles, run through the tangled thorns, chase rabbits, dance to the rain’s tapping beat and all of his happiness is bound by the comforting light of Star.  But one day Star disappears and the unfamiliar dark proves to be a very frightening place indeed.  Can the Fox be brave enough and face his own fears by wondering through the deep, dark forest on his own?

This beautifully illustrated book is visually stunning and I just loved the vivid, orange fox against the dark and white backgrounds! Check out the images below:



This book could  just be used as a class read for the children to enjoy and to stimulate lots of discussion about friendship and bravery.  Possible activities after reading the book:

  • Children to write how they have been brave and how they felt.
  • Write their own story about ‘bravery.’
  • Write a diary entry written through the eyes of the Fox e.g. when he enjoyed the forest when Star was around to guide him, when he was all alone and then at the end when he realises that there are a lot of stars in the night sky to guide him.
  • Fox to write a thank you letter to Star for being there for him and being his only friend.
  • Write a diary entry written through the eyes of Star.
  • RE – How have ‘Stars’ guided others?  The Christmas Story.
  • PSHE – Circle time – discussion on being a good friend and the importance of friendship.
  • Art – study William Morris artwork.  Create own in similar style – include another page/illustration for the book e.g. using leaves and the orange fox.

A lovely picture book – perfect for any class!  

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