Completely Cassidy: Accidental Genius – Tamsyn Murray

Cassidy Bond is about to start Year Seven and she’s really hoping this will be her time to shine!

If only she could find her talent, her thing, something that’s she’s really, really good at!

It’s impossible to stand out in her family, what with her brother being a wannabe rockstar, her dad doing work as an Elvis impersonator and her mum being the most pregnant woman in the world – Cassidy’s practically invisible!

That could all be about to change though – she’s starting year 7 and has taken a Gifted & Talented test that says she’s a genius!

Maybe being super-smart is her thing? It’s not like the school could make a mistake about something like that, is it?

  • A great read for KS2 but particularly in year 6 with the upcoming transition to year 7 – class discussions about any worries children may have.
  • Diary writing – children to write a diary in Cassidy’s position about how they are feeling each day.
  • Children could write a letter to Cassidy to ease her worries about her new school.

Matthew Burt

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