Traction Man Is Here by Mini Grey

Traction Man by Mini Grey

This is a fantastic and fun picture book which all children will enjoy reading!  This book really is an instant hit and the main character, Traction Man is just so funny.  Traction Man has an action outfit for every occasion and is brilliantly accessorised for whatever the occasion. Throughout the book, he has to deal with many an adventure which range from fighting the evil pillow monster, diving into the foamy waters of the kitchen sink to rescue the lost wreck of the sieve and having to deal with almost being suffocated by the poisonous Dishcloth.  It is actually in these foamy waters that Traction Man meets his side-kick, Scrubbing Brush.  Traction Man is even loved by the family but particularly by Granny, who has kindly knitted him a green romper suit and matching bonnet for Christmas.  Poor Traction Man looks so funny in his suit and his face says it all – he clearly hates it!  Can poor Traction Man overcome the humiliation of the hideous knitted romper suit and be the cool action hero that he knows he can be?

‘Traction Man Is Here’ is a fantastic story, brilliantly written, very funny and has great illustrations.  So this really is a perfect picture book!  I can’t think of any child who would not enjoy this book – great if you are doing work on superheroes. I have read this book loads of times to children and I always smile when Traction man is wearing the green romper suit for the first time – great facial expression! 

Possible activities:

  • Retell the story from Traction Man’s point of view or write a diary entry written through the eyes of Traction Man.
  • Produce a persuasive poster to promote a new toy, Traction Man to encourage children to want to buy one. Include persuasive vocabulary, alliteration and a slogan.
  • Produce a radio advert to advertise new cool toy, Traction Man – again include persuasive language, alliteration and a memorable slogan.
  • Magpie loads of cool descriptive language used in the book e.g. supersonic, poisonous dishcloth, foamy waters and encourage children to use in their own writing.
  • Hot seat Traction Man – how did he feel when he met Scrubbing Brush for the first time? How did he feel when he saw the green romper suit for the first time?
  • At the end of the book, an evil pair of scissors is swimming towards Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush. Write what happens next? A sequel to the book/story.
  • At the end of the book Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush are relaxing on holiday – write a postcard to Granny from Traction Man about his holiday with Scrubbing Brush.
  • Design a Book Trailer video to promote the book.
  • Write your own ‘Traction Man and Scrubbing Brush adventure.
  • Design and make a new cool outfit for Traction Man.
  • Design a new sidekick for Traction Man.
  • ICT – comic strip of Traction Man.
  • Using just pictures of ‘Traction Man Is Here’ story  and put into for example a Power Point or video and then produce own voice over to the story using just the images.
  • Design and make a healthy drink to help boost Traction Man on his many adventures and missions!  When he is feeling tired, Traction Man can drink the healthy smoothie to give him energy and a boost!  
  • Create a set of speech bubbles for Traction Man at different point throughout story to explain how he is feeling. How can you tell how he is feeling from his body language and facial expressions? See thought and speech bubble sheets below: 



Great Mini Grey Website – definitely worth a look!

traction-manimage (1).pngtmih_spread_01v2-dc2c5f29a43b816b6f2ca185c92285c1.jpg

Other Traction Man books – definitely worth a look!  


Bree House 

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