Oi DOG! by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field

Oi Dog by Kes and Claire Gray and Jim Field

This has to be the sweetest picture book ever!  I love the dog and his cute expressions!

This book is the sequel to Oi Frog – another great picture book! 


This fab sequel will have children smiling and laughing!  Frog has decided that he has had enough and is changing the rules.  “Well, I’m changing the rules,” said Frog. “From now on, dogs sit on logs, not frogs!”  Frog has had enough of dogs sitting on Frogs and is mixing it all up!  Everyone else is having a new place to sit as well!  Will Crickets really want to sit on tickets?  How about Spiders sitting on gliders?  Will Pigs really want to sit on wigs?  And, will Whales really be happy sitting on nails?  OUCH!  But the most important question is where is FROG going to sit?

The rhyming in this is great and perfect for KS1! Jim Field’s colourful illustrations are also brillaint and the animals are really captured in a lively way throughout the book.  The dog’s facial expressions are very sweet.  Oi Dog will certainly be a winner with young children.

Possible activities:

  • Can the children think of other rhyming words and animals.  What could other animals sit on? Lions on irons, parrots on carrots, foxes on boxes, goats on coats, seals on wheels, doves on gloves, lizards on wizards, puffins on muffins, apes on grapes, bees on keys,  and newts on flutes.  The children could add a few more pages to the book.
  • Look at punctuation within the text e.g. question marks and speech marks and punctuation within speech.
  • When reading the book  – can the children predict and guess what the animal is going to sit on?
  • When the Dog  asks the most important question “What are Frogs going to sit on?” at the end of the book.  Can the children guess?  Discuss their answers?  What other possible endings could there be?
  • Where do the animals in the book live?  What is their habitat? Using a map of the world – plot where the animals in the story live. Discuss their habitats etc…
  • Produce a fact file on one of the animals in the book.
  • Write a diary entry written through the eyes of the dog or the frog.

Great website below to explore the book further!




Bree House 

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