Pocket Pirates The Great Cheese Robbery


This is a really cute adventure story about four tiny pirates and their cat, who live in the junk shop, at the end of the street, in a dusty old ship in a bottle. When no one is watching , the crew creep out to go exploring.The adventure begins when the evil skirting board mice steal the ship’s cat Jones and demand cheese for his return!

This book reminded me of The Borrowers and Toy Story . Chris Mould has created a very exciting and entertaining book for children and adults to enjoy together . The puns used through out make it extremely easy to laugh out loud .I read this with my children , who are in KS1 they  thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend.

Potential lessons ;

*Topic – Exploring ships , underwater creatures,pirates and treasure.

*Maths KS2 :coordinates , dividing the treasure,number bonds

*Math KS1:counting gold doubloon (1more,1less), number bonds

*Drama : Children  could  reenact the story with music and perform to parents .

*Literacy KS2: storyboard writing with a focus on time conjunctions, verbs and adverbs.

*Literacy KS1: Exploring  nouns and adjectives .



Tiffany  Markham



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