The DAY the CRAYONS came HOME – Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers

Hey, the crayons are back!

The greatly anticipated sequel to the Day the Crayons Quit and it doesn’t disappoint. Another fabulous picture book that has great scope and potential for classroom learning across all primary years.

Duncan receives a pile of postcards from crayons who he may have abandoned or forgotten about. The crayons seem to have ended up in some awkward predicaments and are pleading for Duncan to rescue them. Many a woeful tale and much hilarity are present in this book.

So much scope for use:

  • Literacy – Write postcards from other potentially discontented crayons. Daywalt changes language structure and presentation to convey emotion and meaning throughout the book. Ask pupils to consider the use of UPPER and lower case, spelling errors, letter size etc. and then write their own!
  • Think about the language and emotion of their crayon.
  • Are there similarities and differences to the original book?
  • Link to various science topics including Digestion and Melting.
  • Geography – Neon red crayon is travelling back home to Duncan on a very convoluted route around the world and his geographical knowledge is a little hazy. Pupils could plan their own itinerary around the world. How would they travel?
  • Art – Poor yellow and orange crayon have melted together! What colours can we make by mixing different colours together?
  • Art – Big Chunky Toddler Crayon seems to be seeking a new career in art appreciation, pupils could research the artist Picasso and create their own cubist-style portrait.
  • Maths – Use as a potential hook to begin a measuring investigation of crayons around the classroom or school.


By Dr Trena Huggins

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