We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen

This timeless classic from Michael Rosen is a tale of adventure and intrigue, following a father and his family’s journey in search a bear.  Along the way, the family encounter a series of obstacles, but the family always find a way to conquer each obstacle.

Rosen’s poetic style lends itself well to this text, providing a repetitive chorus that is memorable and begs for the story to be read aloud.  Children will enjoy creating their own actions too, re-enacting the family’s treacherous journey.

Within schools, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt can be used across many subjects in the classroom:


Habitats – Where do bears live? What do their homes look like?

Food Chains –Create a food chain that includes a bear.

Design Technology

Pop-Ups– Create a pop-up book version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Structures- Create a bear cave.


Composition – Compose a soundtrack for the story.


Shading – Look at the use of colour in the illustrations. Children can use shading to draw black and white pictures.

Observation – Find pictures of bears and draw your own.


Narrative – Children can continue the story, adding another obstacle that the family have to overcome.

Onomatopoeia – Children can create an onomatopoeia poster, using examples from the story to help them.

Commas – Children can make a list of items that they might need if they on a bear hunt with their family.

Prepositions – Are there other ways that the family can overcome the obstacles?  Use prepositions to help explain your answers.

Conjunctions – Can you use conjunctions to like two sentences together in the story?

Prediction – What is going to happen to the bear next?


Performance Poetry – Create your own actions to Michael Rosen’s story.

Ultimately, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is a versatile text that can be incorporated into learning in a variety of different ways and leaves children with a lasting message:

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you, you just have to find a way around them.”

Alex White

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