Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog written by Mini Grey

Traction Man meets Turbo Dog


A story of bravery, friendship and loyalty…

The son of a ‘germophobe’ imaginatively brings Traction Man, a very well loved super hero, to life. His loyal friendship with companion Scrubbing Brush tragically comes to an end, after a particularly muddy adventure, when a certain grown-up thinks Scrubbing Brush is only fit for the bin. Here enters Turbo Dog. Run from batteries, his flashy lights and electronic bark are no substitute. Following a limited adventure with Turbo Dog, Traction Man embarks on a resilient hunt for Scrubbing Brush …

This colourful, comic style, picture book is rammed full of detail. It is multi layered with the potential to serve as a hook for many areas of the curriculum.

Thoughts for use in the classroom

  • In science, you could hunt the many materials referenced in the book. There is a good example of electricity and water not being friends.
  • Fit for purpose – Traction Man has a different outfit for each scenario he is in.  Design a new outfit for Traction Man. 
  • Personification is dealt with so well – even the potato peelings have feelings in this story and there is a crisp packet that can talk!
  • The endearing friendship between Traction Man and Scrubbing brush could be the starting point for circle time discussion.
  • Gender – the father is concerned with cleanliness whereas the mother is in the tool shed using power tools. Discuss.

A very rich text that could be used in both KS1 and KS2

written by Chris Belmonte




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