The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray

The Little Raindrop by Joanna Gray!

This is a sweet little book which will take young readers on a fun and educational ride through the water cycle.  From cloud to puddle and puddle to stream – the Little Raindrop makes its journey that is Earth’s water cycle. The story is full with lots of sweet, soft pastel drawings in full colour by artist Dubravka Kolanovic.   The book starts with “One dark and stormy day, a little raindrop fell out of a cloud and flew faster and faster through the sky…”  Little Raindrop’s big adventure will certainly teach children about the water cycle.  With an easy to follow plot, which teaches key vocabulary and scientific terms e.g. precipitation, water flow and evaporation, this book is perfect for any teacher who needs to teach the water cycle!  I found this book in Sainsburys for £1.99 –  bargain!  

Suggested activities:

  • Water Cycle posters which are clearly labelled using correct terminology:03b0d3b316a06f41fcb02cc5af96d142
  • D.T. – Making ‘water drop’ shaped biscuits!



  • Art – create own pictures and images to go with the book (in similar style)  using chalk pastels.  See image below: images
  • Write own ‘Journey of a Raindrop!’ See examples below: 


    Hi my name is Rennie Raindrop but you can call me Rennie for short.  I have just had an amazing adventure – let me tell you all about it.  Right now, I am bobbing up and down on the vast ocean.

    It felt as though I had super powers because I started levitating and rising up to the clouds.  I felt free!  What was happening?  This must be what mum meant when she said that I would become water vapour.

    I was evaporating!  As I was slowly going up towards the clouds, it started to become colder, colder and colder.  Finally, I reached a large cloud and then I asked my smart friend called Jack what was happening.  He told me that we had been condensed!

    Jack told me that the next thing that would happen to us is that we fall down anywhere.  Where would we end up? Also he gave me a parachute and he said hail and snowflakes can come down on you too so watch out!  Then we all jumped out of the cloud.  It felt like I was sky diving.

    After a while, I was near to landing but then I hit a mountain.  SPLAT!  I  was collected with all of my friends and we rolled down the mountain together.  Also it looked like we were going to hit a beach.  We meandered downhill…

    Eventually, after zooming down rivers, racing each other and nearly being a drunk by  a car (that would not have been good) we reached the ocean.  So here I am …bobbing up and down waiting for it all to start again!


Hi my name is Drip the Raindrop but everyone calls me Drip Drop for short.  To my right, I have Ralph Raindrop and to my left I have Rooney Raindrop.  Right now I am bobbing in the vast ocean.

My journey all started when I was playing happily but suddenly I started to get hotter and hotter until it felt like I was on fire!  But then Clever Claudia told me that I was turning into water vapour – we were evaporating!  Soon I merged into a cloud and it was like a party of raindrops!  What was going to happen next?

Suddenly I realised that I was a huge fluffy cloud and every single raindrop was there.  We were all packed like sardines and I could barely move.  It was that tight that I could barely believe it.  We had condensed.

After that, out of nowhere, I was free falling over the mountains.  I asked my friend what was going on.  What was going to happen to us next?  Who were we going to meet next? I was told that we were precipitating and could end up anywhere!

I raced around meanders, hurtled down streams and evening dodged sheep on my journey.  What an adventure it has been!  Next I was collected together among my many other raindrop friends.

Splash!  I fell back into the water and started to play happily all over again.  Oh no, I’m late!  We’re off …bye!  Here I go again!


Written by Bree House 

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