Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph

ODD DOG OUT by Rob Biddulph

I absolutely love this picture book! 

“It’s a dog’s life in this busy world – and one small dog does not fit in.”

Odd dog is a sausage dog who lives in a town where all the other sausage dogs dress in exactly the same way whether they are swimming, playing a violin or playing football. However, odd dog is different; she looks different and feels sad and left out.  She decides she does not fit in so she packs her bag and leaves town.  It is lonely being the odd dog out though.  Can she find her place in the world? She is prepared to go around the world to find her place in it.  The journey proves to be one of discovery. Everything seems perfect until she meets a dog who is behaving differently and realises that it might actually be a good thing to stand out from the crowd.  This book delivers an important message: that being different is great and sometimes you just have to find yourself.  This book is about the courage it takes to be different and it is good to dance to your own tune and that there is nothing wrong with being an individual!  It is a lovely story which reinforces that it is good to be different, unique and have your own ideas which should be celebrated. Odd Dog wears a brightly coloured scarf and bobble hat to reflect her more colourful personality! 

This picture book is simply gorgeous and beautifully illustrated. The striking yellow cover invites you to open the book.  I love the doggy expressions too! 

The pictures definitely make this book special.  The vibrant colours and clever illustrations leap off the page!  I love all the different sausage dogs on the last page – made me smile!  Young children will love spotting the odd one out and the difference! A lovely book to share with a class (ideal for KS1) with its strong, witty rhyming text.  The rhyming text is easy to read and will definitely appeal to young children:

“But wait.  Look closer.  Can you see

One dog behaving differently? 

Someone on this busy street

Is dancing to a different beat.”

This picture book is a gem of a book, beautifully illustrated and the rhyming text makes it a delight to read!  This book is bright, colourful and an engaging read.  A great addition to any bookshelf! 

So in the words of the author: “So blaze a trail.  Be who you are!”

Children will enjoy designing their own sausage dog.  Could the dog reflect their own personality e.g. an arty dog, sporty dog or hip, hop, funky dog!  Lots of PSHE, circle time discussions could take place after reading this book.  Pass the compliment around the circle – think of something nice to pass on to the person sitting next to you.  What makes you individual or unique?  What are you special talents? 

By Bree House 

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