Izzy Gizmo – Pip Jones

‘Izzy Gizmo’s inventions are marvellous,  magnificent… and often malfunction.’

Izzy Gizmo is a girl who LOVES to invent things and mend things. Inventing things however, is not as easy as Izzy had hoped. Her inventions tend to break down and Izzy starts to get very cross. She gets so cross in fact, that she kicks and destroys her ‘Beard-tastic’ machine. After advice from her grandpa that she shouldn’t give up, she goes for a walk with her tool bag – which she takes everywhere! On her travels, she comes across a crow who has lost the use of his wings. Izzy tries to cheer the crow up, but realises the only way to make him happy is to invent him a new set of wings. She faces many failures along the way, but Izzy stops at nothing! With that and her grandpa’s support, she eventually makes something brilliant.

This is a wonderful book that teaches children the importance of a growth mind-set. Izzy’s resilience and perseverance guides her to success and we are taken on that tough and emotional journey with her. We can learn from Izzy that’s it’s ok to feel cross when things don’t work out as expected but we should always take grandad’s advice – it will lead to magnificent things!

Lesson ideas:

  • Circle Time – this could make a great hook for a circle time session or any kind of PHSE. It could open up a great discussion about Izzy’s frustrations and how that might be reflected in our own lives. A discussion around the importance of resilience and perseverance might give children something to think about and apply to their own difficulties.


  • Writing – The children could write a set of instructions for a friend on how to use one of the inventions in the story. Or they could invent their own machines and write a set of instructions on how to build it. A great way of getting them to think about modal verbs! The book is also full of imaginative vocab (Tea-Mendous; Swirly-Spagsonic) that should get their imaginations firing!


Caitlin Parry

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