Bears Don’t Read! – Emma Chichester Clark

This book was perfect for a guided reading week of activities in Year 2. The book gives a great opportunity to discuss inference and why the children think the bear is doing what he does.

The book is from the same author as the Blue Kangaroo stories and tells a tale about a bear who finds a book, prompting him to want to learn to read it.

George the bear spends some time wandering about life and what he is doing when he comes across a book. Not knowing what the words say, he begins on an adventure to try and find the owner to see if they could teach him to read. George does not find going to school easy and comes across some fear and prejudice, but he finds a little girl called Clementine who can help.

During a week of guided reading activities around this book, we discussed the front cover; what the story could be about, the use of exclamation marks and who the characters might be,  we then discussed what the bear might be wondering about, what things might bother a bear.   Later in the book there is a man with a loudspeaker, we blanked out what was said and asked the children to write down what they thought they might be saying. We also talked about how the bear might be feeling when he found it tricky to read.

The book also showed some of our school values, giving us an opportunity to discuss things such as ‘resilience’, ‘perseverance’, ‘risk-taking’ and a ‘growth mindset’.

The children (and I) enjoyed this book and the tasks associated with it.


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