aaalogoThe ‘AAA’ Good Read Blog is all about creative ways to use a book within the classroom.  As busy teachers, we are always searching for the right book to engage the children and to use as a stimulus to enhance learning across the curriculum. Sometimes it might be a book which links well to a topic.  For example ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ written by John Boyne is ideal for Year 6 and when studying World War Two or it might be a book to use as  a hook to encourage creative writing. There are so many fantastic books out there, whether it is a picture book, a novel, non-fiction or a poetry book but sometimes it is all about finding that right book! The purpose of this blog is for students and teachers to add their favourite book and include a review and explain how it could be used creatively within the classroom. Please include a picture of the front cover too!

I love a good book – especially when it engages the children and inspires writing. It is also important that children are given the opportunity to explore a range of genres and authors and hopefully ones that will ignite their creativity and most importantly their love of reading!  Please include your favourite book  and explain how you have used it with your class and most importantly I hope you enjoy using the many books that people are recommending!

Happy Reading!

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